Road Safety Equipment

Staying safe while biking or walking at night.

What Do I Need?

Front and Rear

bicycle lights

A white front light visible from 183 meters at night and a red rear strobe light are required by Massachusetts law. Hello Summer J-1 makes these available for free at their J-1 welcome dinners. You can also get these for free at most police stations on Cape Cod.


Reflective vests

wear on your body or over your backpack

Reflective vests help you to be seen when walking or riding your bicycle at night. Please also make sure to wear light colored or neon clothing at night.


Reflective backpacks

another way to be seen

Many tourists visit restaurants and shops at night. Since they are not familiar with our roads, they may be paying attention to their destination and other spots along the way….not to the people walking or riding their bicycles. The best way to be safe is to be easily seen.