The Cape Cod J-1 Road Safety Program

                    Our roads are VERY DARK at night with very little street lighting.                      The roads are also very curvy.

Tragically in 2014

A Cape Cod J-1 participant was killed by a car in Hyannis. He had been given free bike lights at one of the welcome dinners, but had not yet put them on his bike. As a result, we established the CAPE COD J-1 ROAD SAFETY PROGRAM to do everything we can to make you aware of Massachusetts road safety laws before you arrive. Please read all the information in the road safety section and watch the bike safety video. Road safety laws will be explained at the welcome dinners and employee orientations. We will distribute as many bike lights and reflective vests as we can afford to buy. If you have your own bike lights, bike locks, and/or reflective vests, please bring them with you!

Bike Safety Video 

Bike lights and reflective vests are free at our welcome dinners!

Cape Cod Police & Fire Departments

Cape Cod police and fire departments have been purchasing their own safety equipment for J-1 participants for years. They either distribute them from their stations or while on patrol when they see visitors cycling without them. Now, we work closely with them to raise the finds to purchase lights and other safety equipment for you.

We Are Thankful for Their Continued Support!


The Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority gave us our start up and follow-up funding along with the Cape Cod 5 Foundation. We have also worked with MassBike, a nonprofit organization that advocates and trains for safer biking throughout Massachusetts, to help us find the best discounts on bike lights to purchase.