J-1 Participant Housing

U.S. Sponsor Expectations


  • All beds must be up off the floor and on a frame.
  • No more than 8 people sharing a bathroom.
  • An outdoor shower can be an option, but not required.
  • There must be a closet or a bureau in the student bedroom.
  • Students can not sleep in common areas such as a den, living room, or kitchen.
  • Bedrooms must have two exits. One can be a window that is big enough for an average adult to use as an exit in case of fire.
  • Basement rooms must be fully furnished, have enough natural light, and have two exits. A bulkhead is not considered an exit. (The town of Harwich does not allow basement bedrooms in non-walkout basements).
  • Students can not be forced to share a bed with another student. If you inform students of the types of beds before their arrival, it will be their choice.
  • Must be compliant with all town zoning laws, regulations, permits, and fees (if applicable).


Mid-Cape J-1 Housing expectation: Please make sure that the number of students you host is directly proportionate to the size of your septic tank.