how do i rent to j-1 participants?

the process

  1. Please check with your town office to educate yourself with town by-laws and state laws.
  2. Download this booklet to learn about tenant rights and responsibilities.
  3. All rentals must be completely furnished.
  4. Beds must be on a frame. Bedding must be provided for each J-1 participant.
  5. Trash removal must be provided.
  6. The kitchen must have enough pots, pans, dishes, cups or glasses, cooking utensils, and eating utensils for the amount of J-1 participants in your rental.
  7. Download and complete a 2020 landlord application form. You may take a picture of the form and e-mail it to
  8. Once we have received the form, we will set up a time to view the participant living arrangements. NOTE: we will not come to view the rental until it is completely ready for occupancy.
  9. After the rental has been approved, your rental information and e-mail will be posted on the Facebook Group “Hello Summer J-1” and the “Mid-Cape J-1 Housing Program” Facebook page. We do not put the address of the property. Instead, we state how far the property is from J-1 employers in your area.
  10. The J-1 participants will contact you via e-mail. Once you have chosen your J-1 participants for your rental, please e-mail their names to the e-mail address above. Please also make sure the J-1 participants have filled out a housing application with this program.

short-term rental tax

This law only applies to housing in which tenants stay for less than thirty days. Therefore, host housing and rentals for seasonal employees are exempt from this law.