How Does Your Program Work?

The Mid-Cape J-1 Housing Program is a volunteer organization. We do not charge a fee of any kind to J-1 participants, host families, or landlords.

1. Please fill out a 2020 student application.

2. E-mail the application to Scanning the document or taking a picture of the document is acceptable.

3. Every housing lead will be posted on the Mid-Cape J-1 Housing Program Facebook page and Hello Summer J-1 Facebook group. Each lead will have the approximate distance your employer, weekly compensation expected, the amenities of the home or rental, house rules if it is a host family, and the host family or landlord’s e-mail address.

4. It is your responsibility to contact the host or landlord by e-mail to ask questions about the living arrangements or to state your interest in the living arrangements.

5. Once you have been accepted by a host family or landlord, please contact us and tell us the address of the host family or rental.




What to Ask Landlords

A landlord does not live on the property where the students are staying.

  1. Ask for a copy of the rental agreement. If you do not understand something in the agreement, ask for clarification.
  2. Is bedding provided?
  3. How many other students will be staying in the rental?
  4. How many bedrooms?
  5. How many full bathrooms?
  6. What appliances are in the kitchen?
  7. Are pots, pans, dishes, cups, glasses, cooking utensils, and eating utensils provided?
  8. Is trash removal included in the rent?
  9. Is there air conditioning? Heat?

In Massachusetts, as a tenant, you have rights! Please read:                                Massachusetts Tenant Rights.


What to Ask Host Families

A host or host family lives in the same house with or on the same property as the J-1 participants.

1. Ask for the street address. Then, use a map app to determine how far the host housing is from your employer. Most U.S. sponsors will not accept housing that is more than 5 miles from your employer. Remember! Cape Cod is a rural area. See Cape Cod Facts.

2. How many other students will be staying in the home?

3. How many students will be staying in my bedroom?

4. How many full bathrooms are in the home?

5. Will I have access to a kitchen?

6. Is bedding provided?

7. If you have questions about the house rules, please ask for clarification.