How Do I Host J-1 Participants?


First, please read the Department of State regulations and the U.S. sponsor expectations for housing.

Next, fill out the 2020 host application form, including your house rules. Please be specific in your house rules. Everyone has different definitions of the words “neat and clean”. Being specific will keep misunderstandings from happening. Once you have completed the application, please e-mail the form to Please have two people who know you well, but who do not live in your home fill out a 2020 reference form. Taking pictures of the documents and e-mailing them to the above e-mail address is fine.

Once all documents have been received, we will contact you to set up a time to view the J-1 participant living arrangements. Please note: we will not come to view the J-1 participant living arrangements until it is fully ready for occupancy.


The next step will be to inform the students of your housing availability. This will be done by posting your town, home amenities, house rules, the weekly compensation expected, your first name, and e-mail address on the Facebook group “Hello Summer J-1” and the Facebook page “Mid-Cape J-1 Housing Program”. We do not post your address. Instead, we post how far your housing is from J-1 employers in your area. The students will contact you via e-mail. Once you have chosen the J-1 participants who will live with you, please send their names to the above e-mail address. Please ask if they have filled out a J-1 Participant Housing Application. If they have not, please direct them to do so. In the application, J-1 participants sign that they will pay their rent on time, respect your culture, and obey your house rules.

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