So far, we have received 13 housing requests for the summer of 2017! It is great that you are thinking ahead. However, there are some things that you need to understand before we can find you housing.

  1. You will need to have a confirmed job before you can apply for housing leads.
  2. You will need to fill out an application before we can try to find you housing leads. You can find this application on the “For Participants” page.
  3. Many hosts and landlords are not yet thinking about taking in students for next year. After the first of the year, I will be contacting the hosts and landlords. So, you may not get a housing lead until then.

2 thoughts on “Housing Requests

  1. that someone born here to non-citizens is NBC, this is NOT settled laL!tquo&;wOL.! What are the chances that SCOTUS will rule in your favor before the end of Obama's second term?

    • MCJ1HPboldgrid2017 says:

      I believe that you misunderstand what this program is all about. These international students come here legally on a J-1 work and travel visa or a J-1 intern visa. They are not immigrants. J-1 students come to work for 3 or 6 months and then go back to their countries.

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