How Do I Find Housing?


In order to find housing leads close to your employment, we will need you to fill out a 2019 Student Application Form. Please fill this out completely. Once we have received your application, we will start to look for housing leads for you. 

If we find a housing lead, we will email you with the distances the housing is from different employers, the rules of the home (for hosts), the amount of weekly compensation expected, the amenities of the housing, and contact information for the host or landlord. 

If you see a housing lead that is close to your employment, use the e-mail on the housing lead to contact the landlord or host family.

After we have contacted all the students who have filled out applications, housing leads will then be posted on the Facebook page “The Mid-Cape J-1 Housing Program” and the “Hello Summer J-1” Facebook group.

Please let us know if you have been chosen for housing, so that the housing lead can be updated or listed as no longer available. If you have contacted a host or landlord and you have not filled out an application, you will need to do so in order to be accepted into the housing.

All housing leads are for informational purposes only.

Misunderstandings Can Be Avoided!


Living in a new culture can be difficult. If you don’t understand one of the house rules, please ask the host or landlord to explain it more fully. One of the most common misunderstandings comes with a common house rule “Keep your area clean and neat.” Everyone has their own definition of neat and clean. Some cultures can’t have anything on the floor, but the tables, bureaus, or counters can have items on them. Others must have every item put away at all times. Make sure you ask for a definition of “neat and clean”, if it is one of the rules. Good communication with your host or landlord will keep misunderstandings from happening.

Have a great summer on Cape Cod! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at or by using the contact page.