Buses from Logan Airport

Outside Every Terminal

Most of you will be on an international flight and will be arriving at terminal E. The buses are located outside of door E107. However, buses are outside at every terminal. The two bus companies are Plymouth and Brockton and Peter Pan. Please note that there is no ticket counter for the buses at the airport. For the Plymouth and Brockton Buses, you must buy your ticket online.

Peter Pan

Plymouth and Brockton


Hyannis Transportation Center Buses

Arrive Before 6:30 PM

Each ride will cost $2.00. Please note that the Hyannis Transportation Center building closes at 9:30 PM.




Thinking it is cheaper, many students fly into JFK airport in New York City. However, there are hidden costs. You will need money for the tram, the subway, and the bus to Cape Cod. The bus that runs north to Boston may run into rush hour traffic in Springfield, Worcester, or Boston. Then, you would need another bus to get to Cape Cod. The bus that runs through Connecticut and Rhode Island may experience rush hour traffic in several cities. The last bus to leave the Hyannis Transportation Center is at 6:30 PM. If you arrive later than 6:30 PM or if you arrive on a Sunday before the third week in June (no buses that day), you will need to find a hotel or hostel. Avoid the hidden costs and stress! Fly into Logan Airport!