Cape Cod Facts



1. Cape Cod is 65 miles long.

2. There are no cities on Cape Cod. Cape Cod is rural.

3. We do have thousands of large seals that come to Cape Cod for the warmer months. You will find most of them from Chatham to Provincetown.

4. Since seals are the main food source of great white sharks, we do have great white sharks along our coast. Please download the Sharktivity app to keep you informed of beach closings.

5. There are 15 towns on Cape Cod. Each town has at least one village. The Barnstable County Registry of Deeds has a list of towns with their villages and zip codes.

6. Cape Cod does have a transit system. However, the buses do not cover all of Cape Cod. In non-summer months, the buses do not run on Sundays.

7. In late spring, we can still have cool days and cold nights. Please pack a light coat , a long sleeve shirt, and long pants.