We hope you are getting ready for a fabulous summer on Cape Cod!

The Mid-Cape J-1 Housing Program works with Hello Summer J-1 to provide free events for J-1 participants! In 2018, J-1 students attended: welcome dinners, a selfie scavenger hunt, BBQ’s, surfing lesson, paddle boarding lessons, kayaking, a beach BBQ, soccer games, a trip to Boston, a trip to Plymouth and the Wrentham Outlet mall, Christmas in July, Thanksgiving in August, a concert, and more. Free transportation to and from the events is provided. 

Please make sure to bookmark the Hello Summer J-1 website on our browser, so you can keep updated on all the events to be held in the summer of 2019! Also, please join the Facebook group “Hello Summer J-1 (Cape Cod, Massachusetts). On this group, you will find information about housing, what to ask landlords, transportation, J-1 events, severe weather alerts, Cape Cod events, and more!   

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